Our Networks

Our network is made up of 11KV and 33KV power lines, with the main feeder coming from Ruiru.  From the main feeder, power is distributed to various clients’ depending on the maximum demand. We currently have 14 transformer room with transformers of different ratings supplying the existing customers on site.

Our Networks (In Construction)

Central to the Tatu Power strategy is the construction of a new 66/11kV substation on the northeast corner of Tatu Industrial Park. The substation will house three 45MVA transformers and will be fed from the new Kenyatta University substation and/or the existing Ruiru substation.


Tatu Powers’ current approved tariff structure mimics KPLC’s tariff structure and is valid for the first 12 months of operations. The tariff includes energy charges and demand charges on voltage connection. The energy charge dominates the tariff and consists of a base rate and various surcharges, levies and taxes.

New Connection

Application for new connections shall be processed within 14 days from date of application. Customers who require a new utility connection, will be required to submit a completed application form to Tatu Connect via e-mail, our website or our offices.