Development Control Committee (DCC)


The DCC or Development Control Committee has been established by Tatu City  The DCC is a committee comprised of appointees of Tatu City Limited or Board of the Property Owners Association, a city planner, a city engineer and a leading architect and who is appointed by Tatu City Limited in the first instance and as long as Tatu City Limited has an interest in the Property and thereafter by the Property Owners Association.


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The Property Owners Association through the DCC will, under instruction by and on behalf of Tatu City Limited and/or the Property Owners Association, adopt maintain and administer the development, Precinct Plans, design and modifications and Physical Planning Standards for Precinct planning and Building Permits and improvements in the Project, as well as the documents and requirements for submittal to the DCC.


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The DCC regulates land use and building development in Tatu City in order to create an effective and efficient built urban environment and ensures that all buildings in Tatu City comply with DCC and Kiambu County approved building plans in order to ensure a safe and healthy built environment for all.The DCC has jurisdiction over Kijani Ridge, Tatu Industrial Park and developments in Tatu City.


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