Tatu City hosts one of the largest cycling races in Kenya

25 September

Over 130 cyclists took part in a 118km cycling road race starting and ending at Tatu City, with riders from across East Africa competing for a KES 25,000 prize over a challenging course.

Kenyan Riders star Suleiman Kang’ang’i took home the cash prize, completing the course in a time of 3:03:00. Salim Kipkemboi and Joseph Gichora, who finished in second and third place, respectively, closely followed with times of 3:04:00 and 3:04:01.

A 60km race, running concurrently, was won by Abdu Lubega in a time of 1:40:00, nabbing Lubega a KES 3,000 cash prize. He fended off a stiff challenge from Martin Ngochi and Mohammed Suleiman, who finished second and third place on the category, posting times of 1:43:00 and 1:51:00, respectively.

Teams from all over Kenya, including Safari Sibaz, VeloNos, Kenyan Riders, Nakuru cyclists and Team ARABIKA from Mombasa, participated in the race together with a team from Uganda.

David Ndatha expressed the sentiments of all the riders after the race: “The Tatu City Road Race has raised the bar for Kenyan cycling. It was very well organised and we want more!”.

The day’s events also included a 10km Black Mamba Race for single speed cyclists riding from the local community. Friends and families of the riders turned out en masse to lend their support.

The Tatu City race day was held in partnership with Hashim “Zuzu” Sharif, a well-known Kenyan cycling enthusiast who has been organising races for years. According to Sharif, the Tatu City race attracted the largest turnout on the Kenyan circuit.

Speaking at the event, Nick Langford, Kenya Country Head for Rendeavour, Tatu City’s owner and developer, said, “We are delighted with the turnout and intend to bring together both professional and enthusiast cyclists each year. We are grateful to Coca-Cola, Sossi, Bio Yougart and Red Land Roses for supporting the event. We look forward to collaborating with more partners in the subsequent races.”


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