25 May


International standard logistics and distribution complex will be largest in Kenya

Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) has begun construction of Kenya’s first modern grade-A logistics and distribution warehousing complex at Tatu Industrial Park. The facility, which will offer a total floor space of 50,000 sqm in three units, will be the largest warehouse in Kenya to be built to international standards and available to the rental occupier market.

Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony at Tatu Industrial Park, ALP CEO Toby Selman outlined the expected impact of the project and potential opportunities it presents for Kenya.

“Our distribution and logistics centre at Tatu Industrial Park offers international standard modern facilities for the rental market, and we plan on rolling out similar world-class developments across key African capital cities. Our vision is to fundamentally improve supply chain infrastructure across Africa and disrupt the current status quo of poor quality ‘go down’ warehousing. Our multi-tenant facilities will allow not just international large companies to enjoy grade-A logistics and light industrial warehousing, but importantly will give regional SMEs access to international standard warehousing for the first time.  As we start construction on our first two projects in Kenya, we are already building a pipeline of future projects across Sub-Saharan and North African cities to create the continent’s future industrial hubs,” he said.

The project, which is supported by a range of global institutional shareholders such as the International Finance Corporation, CDC Group, Africa-focused UK asset manager Mbuyu Capital, DOB Equity and Maris, will see more than 200 people benefit from employment opportunities during construction and up to 500 more people permanently employed once construction is completed.

“The addition of Africa Logistics Properties to Tatu Industrial Park confirms our location as the hub for logistics and warehousing in East Africa,” said Stephen Jennings, founder and CEO of Rendeavour, Tatu City’s owner and developer. “Clearly, there is a great opportunity for Kenya and other countries in the African region to upgrade supply chain infrastructure, and Rendeavour is in a position to maximise this for its host nations.“

ALP’s management team have more than 40 years’ combined real estate investment track record in the industrial and logistics sector, having completed over $2bn of modern warehousing park developments in emerging markets.

Tatu Industrial Park comprises of 457 acres of serviced land suitable for non-polluting light industrial, assembly, warehouse and logistic uses. It is ideally located for local, regional and international companies expanding in Africa through a hub in Kenya.

Other companies at Tatu Industrial Park include Chandaria, Dormans Coffee, Unilever, Kim-Fay and Maxam.

About Africa Logistics Properties (

Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) is a specialist integrated property investment company that develops, acquires and owns class- A industrial and logistics properties in principal cities across Africa. ALP was founded in 2016 by Toby Selman and strategic investor Maris.

ALP leverages its team throughout the region via deep relationships and understanding of global customer and logistics demands, international best practices in warehousing design specifications, construction and property management along with local expertise in market dynamics, site selection and regulatory approvals.

ALP is supported by global institutional shareholder investors. The company is currently developing Nairobi’s first international grade-A logistics warehousing parks.