Dear Kijani Ridge owner,

We trust that the new year is progressing well for you and your families.

In Q4 2022, Tatu City conducted an extensive public participation process for Kijani Ridge owners regarding the Kijani Ridge Consultative Forum. As you are aware from this process and your transaction documents, the Kijani Ridge Precinct Property Owners Association can only be formed once the last lease is registered in Kijani Ridge. Until that juncture, for purposes of ensuring an avenue for communication with Kijani Ridge Property Owners, Tatu City Limited is ready to establish a Consultative Forum based on the Rules of Engagement found on the first link below. We received your feedback to the Rules of Engagement during the public participation process and shared our responses, which are on the second link below. We confirm that the feedback was incorporated into the Rules of Engagement.

The Consultative Forum will serve as the only body with which Tatu City Limited will interact on collective Kijani Ridge matters. Elected by all Kijani Ridge owners, the Committee members of the Consultative Forum shall replace the various owners’ groups that formed over the last few years, which we thank for their active participation during that time.

As promised during the public participation process, we will conduct a Yes-No poll on the establishment of the Consultative Forum. To prepare for that poll, we need Kijani Ridge owners to register. The registration process will ensure that we have the correct contact information for each plot’s voter (there will be one vote per plot for this poll, but during the election of the Committee members, voting shall be based on the plot size as per the Rules of Engagement).

Please provide your full name, email address and phone number and click “submit” below. We will verify all voter registration against ownership records. Please ensure only one person per plot registers, so we don’t have to delay the process by resetting plot registrants.

Registration for the Yes-No vote on the Consultative Forum will be open from 8 am on 1 February 2023 until 11 pm on 07 March. To qualify for participation in this poll, Kijani Ridge owners must not be in breach of their obligations under the Lease.


Tatu City Limited

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