About Us

Tatu City Water and Sanitation Entity is a private analysis laboratory that specializes in water testing.

Through a combination of skills, experience and training on laboratory management systems. Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified to ensure we deliver high-quality laboratory testing and timely reporting of samples results.

The scope in our water quality testing services includes drinking water, groundwater, surface water, effluent water and bottled through the below testing services:

  • Physical analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Microbiology analysis


Physical Test Parameters
pH (pH Units)
Color (Pt. Co. APHA)
Turbidity (NTU)
Total Suspended Solids (mg/L)
Total Dissolved Solids (mg/L)
Conductivity (µS/cm)

Chemical Test Parameters
P. Alkalinity (mg/L CaCO3)
Total Alkalinity (mg/L CaCO3)
Chloride (mg/L Cl)
Fluoride (mg/L F)
Sulfate (mg/L SO4)
Nitrate (mg/L NO3)
Phosphate (mg/L PO4-3)
Sodium (mg/L  Na)
Calcium (mg/L Ca2+)
Magnesium (mg/L  Mg2)
Iron (mg/L  Fe2+)
Manganese (mg/L  Mn)
Ammonia (mg/L  NH3)
Copper (mg/L  Cu)
Zinc (mg/L  Zn)
Ca. Hardness (mg/L  Ca2+ CaCO3)
Mg. Hardness (mg/L  Mg2+ CaCO3)
Total \hardness (mg/L  CaCO3)
Silica (mg/L  SiO2 )


Microbiology Parameters
Escherichia Coli (E.coli)
General Coliforms

The fees structure for water quality analysis is as below:

Type of Test
Cost Minus VAT (KES)
Microbiology Analysis 3,000.00
Physical-Chemical Analysis  From 5,000.00*

*The final cost of the Physical-Chemical Analysis is dependant on the number of parameters analysed.

The sampling fee shall be waived for Tatu City residents, KES 1500 around Nairobi and its environs and at cost basis for areas outside Nairobi.

Effluent Test Parameters
pH(pH Units)
Temperature (ºC)
COD (mg/L)
BOD (mg/L)
Colour (Pt. Co. APHA)
Total suspended solids (mg/L)
Total dissolved solids (mg/L)
Nitrate (mg/L NO3)
Oil and grease (mg/L HEM)
Zinc (mg/L  Zn)
Iron (mg/L  Fe2+)
Ammonia (mg/L  NH3)
Phosphate (mg/L PO4-3)
Copper (mg/L)
Detergents (mg/L)
Cadmium (mg/L)
Mercury (mg/L)
Lead (mg/L)
Total chromium (mg/L Cr)
Selenium (mg/L)
Arsenic (mg/L)
Sulfide (mg/L)
Phenols (mg/L)

The cost of conducting the effluent test as a package (all the above-listed parameters) is KES 29,000. However, the cost of analysis of individual parameters is available on enquiry.

The sampling fee shall be waived for Tatu City residents, KES 1,500 around Nairobi and its environs and at-cost basis for areas outside Nairobi.

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