Our mission

Based on European standards of quality, lead times, and customer service, Tatu Woodworks is working to transform the Kenyan joinery industry.

With decades of experience in Kenya, Europe and around the world, we are the trusted partner of business owners, homeowners, real estate developers, interior designers, contractors, and architects. We execute turnkey solutions, from concept and design to joinery works, for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Based in the Tatu City Special Economic Zone, we use modern machinery and the latest techniques to ensure the best quality services, results, and timelines for our clients.


The Kenyan joinery industry lacks qualified and well-trained craftsmen who are up to date with the latest approaches and technologies. Management skills are also lacking.

This can result in poor-quality workmanship and issues further down the line.


Tatu Woodworks has decades of experience in international-standard joinery and places a huge focus on skills and training. Additionally, we source trained artisans from industry partners like Buildher whose programs focus on timber technology, carpentry, and joinery.

Technology and capital

The industry Kenyan joinery industry is fragmented and characterized by a lack of investment. The high cost of equipment is prohibitive for many Kenyan companies.

This makes it challenging to manufacture products to international commercial and industrial standards.


Backed by Rendeavour, Africa’s biggest city builder with operations across five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Tatu Woodworks benefits from the latest technologies and facilities. We can handle large projects simultaneously and meet international standards of quality and lead times.

Governance and project management

Many players in the sector lack proper project management, planning and budgeting processes leading to cost overruns, extended delivery and completion times, and decreased customer satisfaction.



Tatu Woodworks uses the latest project management approaches and has procedures in place to streamline the entire production and service delivery process. We use technology to provide real-time visibility into production processes and inventory levels enabling better coordination, resource allocation, delivery times and pricing. We guarantee full transparency and effective client communications.


Our products and services

Our leadership team

Yousef Samara

Senior Project Manager

Yousef has more than two decades of experience across all areas of development and construction of large-scale and complex urban and infrastructure projects in Africa and the Middle East. At Dubai Properties and North 25 in the United Arab Emirates and WSP in Saudi Arabia, Yousef managed projects from the planning phase through final implementation, providing overall leadership and direction, cost monitoring, and schedules. Yousef holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine.

Erol Cako (Rocky)

General Manager

Rocky is an experienced and creative designer specialising in the art of crafting beautiful and functional cabinetry solutions for all interiors. With over 30 years of experience across Africa and Europe, he has an impressive portfolio of successful projects, ranging from residential homes and apartments to commercial offices, hospitality establishments, and retail spaces. His extensive experience in conceptualising, planning, and executing interior design projects allows Rocky to bring a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise to every project. He has an extraordinary ability to harmonise textures, patterns, and materials to create visually stunning and cohesive interiors.