Water supply network

Tatu City Water has invested in an expansive network that includes a main water trunk supply, ground storage tanks, overhead tanks, pumping stations, water distribution lines as well as internal and external sewer trunks to serve the city residents.


TCWSCo mandate is to ensure we provide the highest level of service availability, reliability and maintainability. We aim to achieve through the provision of the following services:

  • Supply of portable water Sewage gathering / recycling and sewerage services
  • Additional Technical Services
    • Meter Tests
    • Replacement of faulty meters
    • Water kiosks

Water Sources

TCWSCo has three main sources of water supply to meet the city’s water requirements. These include portable water from Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage Company (RUJWASCo), groundwater from the boreholes within Tatu City. TCWSCo is continuously exploring potential new water sources based on the forecasted growth within the city.

Water Quality and Effluent Monitoring

Our water is treated at the RUJWASCO Jacaranda water treatment plants which makes use of advanced disinfection technology, corrosion control and state-certified operators to ensure the quality of water produced is of high standard.

TCWSCo by itself routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to WHO standards and regulations. These results are available for our customers upon request. For more detailed information on the quality tests, kindly visit our customer service centre.

New Connections

Customers who require a new utility connection, will be required to

  1. Complete and submit the requisite application form
  2. Sign the customer contract
  3. Pay a refundable deposit
  4. Pay applicable installation charges

Application for new connections shall be processed within 14 days from the date of submission.


Reconnection shall be effected within 24 hours of the first working day after the account has been settled in full and the reconnection fee has been paid. An increase of the service deposit may also be required.

Meter Installations

Our water utility uses digitized smart water meters. These smart meters use sensors for recording water pulses which are relayed after every 15 mins to an online platform through GPRS/ GPS. Each connection has an account in the platform that tracks daily demand and water consumptions.

Once the customer’s application has been approved and the related connection charges settled, TCWSCo will install a smart meter sized depending on customer’s demand. It is the mandate of the customer to ensure that the meter is well kept and not tampered with.

Water Quality Testing

TCWSCo is required to comply with all applicable requirements of the relevant regulators and KEBS to ensure quality, reliable and secure supply of all utility services. Detailed guidelines on the quality tests maintained can be made available to customers upon request.


The company provides a number of payment options which you can use to settle your water bills. TCWSCo will accept payment from customers by the following methods:
• Cheque
• Direct deposits to the designated bank account
• RTGS transfer

Contact Us

Please contact us by phone or email.

+254 20 513 1000
+254 708 555 555


Tatu House, Off Ruiru Kiambu Road,

P.O. Box 2739-00621, Nairobi.