By participating in sporting activities at the Tatu City Sports Centre, you acknowledge

acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”).


Tatu City Limited and its affiliate companies shall not be liable for any liability, loss, damage, injury or death suffered by the team or individual participating in the sport which will arise out of or in connection with the provision of Sports @ Tatu’s services. Participants release Sports @ Tatu from all claims for negligence or claims for strict liability.


By participating in matches or training for matches, you accept and assume the ordinary risks arising from participation in those activities and accept that:

  1. You shall act responsibly and sensibly at all
  2. You shall not participate in the sporting activities while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs or in any other condition that inhibits your judgement and response during involvement in such a sporting activity.
  3. You shall follow all safety warnings or instructions displayed or given to you by a member of staff or such other personell as shall be designated by Tatu City.
  4. You shall ask a member of staff for guidance if you are unsure about
  5. In the event of a pre-existing or underlying health conditions you shall obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before participating.
  6. Tatu City shall be under no obligation to provide medical
  7. Participation in the sporting activities is entirely at your


  1. The team captain (“Captain”) is responsible for all participants playing in the team and personally liable to Sports @ Tatu payments/arrears. The captain agrees to this
  2. Sports @ Tatu reserves the right to refuse entry or exclude any participant, team or organization without giving a reason.


  1. An Individual can apply for a one-off entry, medium term or long-term subscription for access. The provisions in 3 above will not apply to the individual participant(s).


  1. In some circumstances Sports @ Tatu may need to and will change match times. We ask all teams to regularly check the website and social media groups for any The match fees are determined by Tatu City Sports Centre and be subject to change.
  2. All payments must be made through Sports @ Tatu’s acceptable payment methods. Cash and cheque payments are NOT accepted. Individuals and teams joining will be required to pay for the session or season in advance. Team captains/organisers can pay for the season and recover the costs from their players.
  3. In the unlikely event that the full balance of monies owed to Sports @ Tatu by the team hasn’t been paid before the fixture, the result will be recorded as a 10-0 forfeit against your team. This will be treated as a forfeit without notice and you will be liable to pay your full match fee plus your oppositions match fee.
  4. Although Captains have primary responsibility for payments due from the team, the liability of team members for any and all charges due from the team under these T&Cs is joint and several. This means that we have the right to recover all of the fees due from the team as a whole from any of its members. Without limitation of our other rights, we can charge any individual player’s card or payment facility on file with us for any money due from the team at any time.
  5. If it is not possible to collect these fees, we may appoint an external debt collection agency to assist us in collecting monies due.
  6. Without limitation of our rights, team members shall be joint and severally liable for our costs and expenses of collection and any interest accruing on sums due, including but not limited to the costs, fees or commissions of an external debt collection agency.
  7. Sports @ Tatu will typically apply credit to an account where necessary rather than issue a A refund can only be made to the individual requesting the refund, this must be requested via our refund request form. We endeavor to respond within 5 working days and issue the refund within 30 working days.


  1. If a team or individual is not able to attend a fixture or session already paid for, the forfeiting team or individual will be charged their full match or session fee.
  2. If a team forfeits twice in one season their place in the league will be under review and we have the right to eject the team in question at our sole discretion.
  3. If a team fails to show up with no notice Sports @ Tatu will remove them from the league and the team will still be liable for the remaining costs of the season.


  1. All attendees at any Sports @ Tatu 5 A-side, basketball court or event are expected to behave in a civil and courteous manner. This includes players and spectators.
  2. All players are expected to abide by the law and such other rules and regulations which apply within Tatu City.
  3. Any unsportsmanlike behavior on or off pitch will be penalized in line with the applicable Tatu City Regulations. The penalties will range from official warnings, suspension, expulsion and financial penalties to players, teams or spectators.
  4. You accept and acknowledge that Sports @ Tatu and Tatu City shall make such decisions in its sole discretion.


  1. No item that may endanger a player or a spectator’s safety shall be worn or carried into the pitch.
  1. Players must wear suitable clothes and training
  2. Participants and Spectators agree to take full responsibility for any injuries that may occur. All participants play with full knowledge, assumption and acceptance of all risks, losses, costs and damage involved and incurred as a result of their participation.
  3. Sports @ Tatu and Tatu City does not provide personal injury insurance or player to player insurances. All players play at their own risk and are responsible to take out their personal injury insurance.
  4. The individual or captains are fully responsible for assessing the appropriateness of the conditions for their If the participating individual or captain feels the environment is not safe to play in, including any misconduct, danger, violence (or threats thereof) or the condition of the premises, then the individual or captain must advise Sports @ Tatu at the earliest opportunity
  5. Smoking, drinking alcohol and anti-social behaviour are forbidden at the sports facility within Tatu City.
  6. Sports @ Tatu reserves the right to ban or ask the entire team to leave should they breach any of the above.


  1. Website pictures may not always be the actual pitches you will be playing on, they are for display only.
  2. Tatu City may photograph or videotape some of the sports activities. By using the sports facilities, participants agree and waive all rights of publicity or pre-approval that they have for any likeness or use of their name in connection with such likeness and grants to Sports @ Tatu all rights to such photos and videos for promotion.
  3. Sports @ Tatu and Tatu City may subcontract, assign, or deal in any other matter with the performance of any of its obligations to any person without notice.
  4. The individual participants and teams will be subject to other relevant provisions in Tatu City’s Sports and Recreation Policy and all other policies available in Tatu City’s website