Tatu City to put up 6,000 housing units

8 July


Tatu City, the mixed-use, mixed-income urban development has announced plans to develop 6000 homes targeted at all segments of the market.

Speaking at the 2016 Eastern Africa Real Estate Conference organized by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, African Real Estate Society, and The University of Nairobi (UoN), Country Head, Kenya, Rendeavour, Nick Langford said Tatu City aims to provide housing for all classes of individuals wishing to move to the city.


“Tatu City’s envisions an open community with housing options to suit any budget- from Kijani Ridge for the high end to the middle-level units to the high-density residential houses.


In early May, Tatu City signed a deal with real estate developer, Lifestyle Properties, which will construct 1,200 units on 30 acres with prices starting from Ksh6 million. Tatu City is also in talks with other developers for the construction of 1000 low-cost houses with price tag as low as Ksh2 million.

“Our residential portfolio at Tatu City is rapidly expanding and we are also in the process of putting in place requisite infrastructure like roads, sewerage, power and water at a cost of Ksh2 billion,” said Mr Langford.

Capacity development

Mr Langford said Tatu City had partnered with the University of Nairobi’s Department of Real Estate & Construction Management (RECM) and will be offering practical experience to Department’s postgraduate candidates.


“Tatu City and RECM have agreed to establish a framework for long-term cooperation, with further engagement to include regular visits by postgraduate candidates for the next five years. Tatu City also aims to give the students an opportunity to master plan a parcel of land slated for development, and to develop a feasibility study for the selected site,” he said.


The company has set aside 256 acres of land to develop residential units to cater to more than 100,000 residents expected to live in the city. It has also established a 420 acres industrial park for companies.


About Tatu City (www.tatucity.com)

Tatu City is a 2,500-acre, mixed-use and mixed-income development with residential, commercial, industrial, tourism, social and recreation amenities for more than 70,000 residents and 30,000-day visitors. Underlying Tatu City’s design is a visionary concept aiming to shift urban development in Kenya from the familiar single node model to a decentralised urban environment. By doing so, Tatu will significantly decongest the City of Nairobi by offering a unique live, work and play environment.