Tatu City supports Kenya Red Cross drought mitigation initiative

30 March

Tatu City has pledged KES 3 Million to support efforts in alleviating the current drought crisis in Kenya. The donation was made at a fundraising event hosted by the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, for the Kenya Red Cross.

Tatu City will work with the Kenya Red Cross and other stakeholders to address the need for clean and fresh water supply for a community in one of the worst hit counties affected by the drought.

Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet commended Tatu City for its donation. “Sustainable donations such as the one made by Tatu City are vital if we are to enable our communities for not just today, but the also the future.”

The continuous supply of water provided by a borehole will enable the selected community to deal with the immediate requirements of day-to-day living, farming and maintenance of livestock.

“We will partner with an NGO to train the locals in the irrigation methods to achieve optimal results and also monitor the agricultural activity and output,” said Nick Langford, Country Head for Rendeavour, majority owner and developer of Tatu City. “This will be achieved by drilling a borehole as part of a plan for a wider model farm project where farm clusters will benefit from a central water supply system.”

Currently, 1.3 million people in 23 counties are adversely affected by lack of water, poor agriculture and livestock planning and insufficient water storage facilities. Various initiatives have been undertaken to combat this adversity, with Red Cross being at the forefront.