Tatu City rolls out smart city technology for residents and businesses

29 October

Tatu City, the inclusive mixed-use new city near Nairobi, has deployed an integrated smart city technology platform to provide unparalleled convenience to residents.

Partnering with Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS), a leading pan-African provider of enterprise software applications for utilities and other services, Tatu City has introduced an interconnected Utilities Management System for Water and Power Services.

Tatu City residents are connected to water and power services through digital smart meters linked to a backend Meter Data Management system, for the collection and analysis of consumption data and the diagnosis and planning of the overall city infrastructure.

“This technology is smart, because it allows Tatu City’s management, residents and businesses to take smarter decisions about their consumption and reduce or eliminate wastage,” said Jacqueline Maigua, Head of Urban Management at Tatu City. “By introducing smart city technology, we aim to become a leading provider of utility and urban services through high levels of service, reliability and sustainability.”

Robert Gitau, Managing Director of TTCS East Africa, said: “Tatu City is fast tracking Africa’s digital transformation by adopting digital smart solutions and simplifying its day-to-day operations and the lives of tens of thousands of people.”

About Twenty Third Century Systems (www.ttcsglobal.com)

Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) is a Pan African business solutions provider. Since 1996, it has focused on implementing SAP based solutions across Africa and the Middle East in sectors such as government, mining, manufacturing, social security as well as tax and revenue collecting agencies. TTCS’ presence across Africa is in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria. Our philosophy is to collaborate with local partners to build local skills that then become part of our global skills pool but able to provide a local in-country delivery and support capability.