Our Tatu Journey

5 March

By Florence Mwangamilo

The journey of buying a residential property is fraught with uncertainty and filled with emotions. My spouse and I had been searching for a place to settle the family for over eight years. We considered living in Kitengela, Athi River, Ngong, Kilimani and Matasya etc. We visited each of these places in turn, but our hearts failed to connect. Acting on a whim we decided to explore properties within Kiambu county. We explored several beautiful properties and they all seemed to have been taken.

Then one Sunday afternoon during a conversation with a friend, I learnt about Tatu City. He spoke about Tatu very passionately. We remembered having seen the Tatu billboard and signboards during our several road trips to Kiambu. Acting on this newfound information and filled with fresh vigour we researched on the project and found information to be readily available. I sent an email out to Tatu and within an hour Jacqueline Osebe of the Tatu sales team made contact. A week later my husband and I made our way to Kiambu with a focused mind and with much anticipation. Jackie was the perfect host. It was a wet and cold Wednesday morning in October 2017. Coffee was quickly served as she took us through the Tatu City concept. She described to us the wholistic lifestyle concept of the City – offices nearby, shopping mall, hospital facility, educational institutions and the light industries in the area such as Unilever. We soaked all this in with awe. It was more than we had bargained for.

Furthermore, Tatu has a green policy of ensuring that at least 30% of the land is retained as green space for recreation activity. The play areas for the kids; nearby schools such as Nova Pioneer; and roads, sewer, power and water infrastructure that was being put in place served to convince us that we had come to the right place. The Tatu City concept and the Kijani Ridge development is the perfect live, work and play environment for our children and for us adults.

We booked a piece of land to build our home and are in the process of getting the documentation so we can start building. I would encourage anyone looking for a place to settle to look up Tatu City and see what it has to offer. Do not stop there, go over and meet their very warm and professional staff. They leave nothing to chance and ensure that you grasp what you are getting yourself into. More importantly, they hold your hand during the journey. Come and let’s be neighbours – I make a great salad and an even tastier apple pie! We could have a picnic on the grounds.