A celebration of Kenyan and international music legends at Tatu City

7 July

Headlining a festival of music and African culture at Tatu City, legendary Nigerian afrobeat maestro Femi Kuti summed up the weekend of entertainment: “Your city, Tatu City!” he called out to the crowd.

Responding to Femi’s trademark “Araa ra ra ra”, the revelers cheered and capped off the two-day Koroga festival, which featured international and local legends on the final day, with more than 5,000 in attendance for the eight-hour song and fashion fest.

Leading up to Femi’s powerful finale, Koroga-goers took in hip-hop artist Jua Cali, Kikuyu Benga music sensation Samidoh and Them Mushrooms, who in their third decade never fail to impress.

Capital MixxMasters DJ Leo and DJ Andre bridged the day of entertainment at Tatu City, the 5,000-acre new city development a 30-minute drive north of Nairobi.

Sunday was filled with events for families, including children’s games, on a 10-acre festival grounds with plenty of parking and transport provided by Uber, Bolt, Cityhoppa and Swvl.

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