Kijani Ridge User Area

Kijani Ridge has steadily grown from a canopy of thickets and red soil to a beautiful neighborhood in Tatu City. Property owners have either started building homes or are preparing to move into their completed dream homes. This requires a continuous flow of information to our customers and this private portal will contain information that will be tailored specifically for Kijani Ridge residents.


The Tatu Market, a one stop shop for all building materials, is now open.


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Tatu City works with top-tier architects to ensure that our clients get to build the best homes.

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Garden Center

Tatu City is a controlled development with clearly set development guidelines which also applies to landscaping.

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InfraStructure Update

Infrastructure is still being built in different parts of Kijani Ridge as well as in the larger Tatu City.

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House hand over updates

As the Kijani Ridge neighborhood receives more residents, we will warmly welcome them home.

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Kijani Ridge Property Owners Association is the umbrella body that brings the residents together.


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