The facade and fenestration industry in Kenya

Kenya’s facade and fenestration industry is experiencing steady growth due to increasing urbanization, infrastructure development, and a growing demand for modern architectural designs.

However, the quality of doors, windows and facades often poses significant challenges for homeowners, businesses, and builders alike. Inconsistent manufacturing standards, substandard materials, inadequate quality control measures, and out-of-date technologiesoften lead to sub-standard products and services. Poor craftsmanship and lack of skilled artisans further exacerbate the issue, leading to the production of doors and windows that are prone to defects, such as warping, cracking, and poor insulation.

The industry is served by both local and international manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. Local companies often specialize in fabrication and installation services, while international firms may provide advanced technologies and specialized products but lack local experience, expertise and delivery capabilities.

Based in the Tatu City Special Economic Zone, EUROFORM has been established to bridge this gap by providing international-standard technologies and expertise in doors, windows and facades, with local fabrication and delivery capabilities.

Introducing EUROFORM

Blending Kenyan ingenuity with European standards, EUROFORM delivers unparalleled quality in the design and production of aluminium metal works.

We use the latest technologies and approaches to craft bespoke windows, doors, facades, shop windows, pergolas, and skylights.

Our mission is to meet the demand for high-quality building solutions while ensuring beauty, durability, and sustainability for both residential and business clients.

Industry challenges and how
we are different

Industry challenges  How we’re different

There is a general lack of quality in the fabrication and installation of facade and fenestration systems in Kenya.

Inconsistent material quality, older technologies, poor workmanship lead to leaks, structural failures, aesthetic defects and sub-optimal insulation.

Many companies offer short or limited warranties for their work.





Our products use the latest international-standard materials, including energy-efficient windows and doors designed to prevent drafts and heat transfer, ensuring year-round comfort and energy savings. We also use impact-resistant glass to maintain the structural integrity of our products.


Crafted with precision, our solutions guarantee longevity and reliability, surpassing industry standards.


EUROFORM stands behind its craftsmanship with an extended 2-year product warranty.


There is a shortage of skilled workers with expertise in facade engineering, glass installation, aluminium fabrication, and other specialized areas in Kenya. This shortage affects project timelines, quality, and safety of projects.





We have an expert team of certified local fabricators and European experts who promote innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement in our product and service offerings.


EUROFORM actively engages with architects, offering design support and incentives to turn visions into reality.


Cost & affordability

The cost of materials, especially imported components, can be prohibitive for some companies. This issue is particularly acute in smaller-scale developments and low-income housing initiatives.

Finding cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and performance is a constant challenge for most industry players.





EUROFORM partners with European manufacturers and uses  international-standard materials and construction methods that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions. This includes exploring locally sourced sustainable materials and innovative technologies that improve energy efficiency and environmental performance.


Additionally, we work at scale to optimize operational efficiency, streamline production processes, and reduce costs without compromising quality.


Standardized products

Many companies offer standard products with limited customisation options, making it challenging for clients to achieve their desired aesthetic or functional requirements. Lack of flexibility in product offerings can limit design possibilities and customer satisfaction.


Our extensive portfolio spans openable, fixed, and sliding windows and doors, Alucobonds, facades, and specialist fabrications. Every product is made to measure, with options for RAL colours and wood finishes, reflecting the customer’s unique specifications.

Our products and services