Tatu City’s pillars of corporate social responsibility are Conservation, Community, Health and Education.

Tatu City respects the local population, and throughout the development, they will have access to the area and continue their use of communal assets like water from dams. Over time, the communities around Tatu City will have priority access to jobs and skills training. Tatu City will create tens of thousands of jobs for Kenyans during the project lifetime.

Tatu City has an approved Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) plan which demonstrates its commitment to positive outcomes for the environment. As part of the regulation, Tatu City will maintain over 30% of the land dedicated to green and open space.

Tatu City’s tree nursery was established to grow thousands of indigenous trees, shrubs and flowers that will be used for landscaping within the Tatu City development.

Tatu City is proud to support the Tatu Primary School, through building repairs, books and meals. Tatu City has also partnered with the Shamas Rugby Foundation (SRF) and set up a youth rugby clinic at Tatu Primary School. SRF is conducting three training sessions per week in the school, either during P.E. lessons or after school and continues to engage a team of four coaches per session training up to 120 boys and girls.

As part of its long-term commitment to improve and develop sports by nurturing talent at the grassroots level, Tatu City has partnered with the Foundation for Youth Cricket and Education in Kenya (FYCEK) to set up a cricket hub at Tatu Primary School, a state-funded school adjacent to Tatu City.

FYCEK has already started training over 200 students at the school in timetabled physical education classes during term time. They will also conduct training during the school holidays.

In the future, inter-school cricket tournaments will be arranged, sharpening skills acquired through the training and fostering a competitive spirit among the participants.

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